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At Lymphedema Products we take pride in our ability to supply a comprehensive range of products for the treatment of lymphedema and other venous insufficiency and drainage-related conditions. Naturally, we stock a wide range of bandages. These bandages are well-suited for use in the medically necessary treatment of swelling and tenderness associated with inappropriate buildup of lymph fluid in various tissues throughout the body. Leading experts suggest that any compression treatment for the control of lymphedema should include the use of padding beneath medical-grade compression garments or bandages.

Many of the bandages in this category fulfill this mission, by combining built-in padding with the convenience of a roll bandage, which can be cut to necessary lengths, washed, and reused, as desired. Rosidal Soft® is one example. Devoid of potentially problematic latex, this popular bandage from trusted manufacturer of medical supplies, Lohmann & Rauscher, is made from breathable, moisture-permeable polyurethane foam with impressive durability. Interlocking open pores ensure slip resistance and comfort for delicate skin.

We also carry Cellona®, from Lohmann & Rauscher. Characterized by the softness of cotton or wool, this synthetic all-polyester padding bandage retains its softness even after prolonged use. Popular for use under casts, Cellona® protects exposed bones, nerves, and tender skin and serves as a comfort-enhancing under-layer for use under compression wraps, bandages and garments. Customers report this synthetic padding holds up longer than comparable cotton padding bandages.

We also offer CompriFoam®, from BSN Medical. This open-cell foam padding bandage excels at providing evenly distributed compression for the treatment of lymphedema and other circulatory issues. Its non-slip nature makes it easier to apply additional layers and ensures that this bandage will remain firmly in place. Customers report that this solution simplifies the task of placing a layer of comfort-enhancing padding underneath any other medically necessary wrappings or bandages.

Other offering in this category include Artifex, from BSN Medical; especially well suited for uses on challenging areas of the anatomy, such as knees, ankle/heel transitions, and wrist/hand transitions, and BiaSoft, from Biacare. BiaSoft is a soft, durable fleece padding that’s washable and reusable.

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