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Lenkelast by Lohmann & Rauscher
Lenkelast is a firm support, all purpose bandage with durable elasticity suitable for a wide range of applications including everyday retention bandaging as well as an outer layer in compressive wound care dressings. Lenkelast is of particular value when applied in genital lymphedema, pediatric lymphedema, and as a fixing layer over underlying foam padding supports. The semi-elastic stretch quality of this bandage makes it conform well to all body contours while allowing the dressing to remain in position. The fine fabric is breathable and highly skin-friendly.
This product has 18 reviews.
Individual Pieces
6cm x 5m 
8cm x 5m 
10cm x 5m 
12cm x 5m 
15cm x 5m 
20cm x 5m 
6cm x 5m - box (10 pieces)
8cm x 5m - box (10 pieces)
10cm x 5m - box (10 pieces)
12cm x 5m - box (10 pieces)
15cm x 5m - box (10 pieces)
20cm x 5m - box (10 pieces)
6cm x 5m - case (250 pieces)
8cm x 5m - case (200 pieces)
10cm x 5m - case (240 pieces)
12cm x 5m - case (200 pieces)
15cm x 5m - case (160 pieces)
20cm x 5m - case (100 pieces)
- Tywanda Y Allen
 Was exactly what was needed. Thank you. 
- Mrs Beverley J Bowman
 My therapist likes using this product. It washes well and I gently dry it by hanging it on a hanger, without stretching it. 
- Ms Nilda E Salas
 This product works well with keeping the swelling down. It is also comfortable and easy to use. 
- Mrs Margaret Lenkawski
 exactly what i needed at a decent price 
- David J Morse
 Great price, great value. Does what it is suppose to do. I will be ordering more. I use this to hold wound pads on under my wrappings. 
- Andrew Cotterman
 Works well on his wounds and was easier to put his stockings over. 
- Donna Galloway
 This lightweight medium stretch product is easy to use. It offers compression without being to hot for the wearer. It retains stretch for multiple uses. Th 6cm size wraps feet and curves easily. 
- Beverly A Hair
 Excellent product for lymphedema placed directly over the foam. Only place you can get it. The surgical store wold order it for me but it was $10-$12.00 more. Yikes. I'd rather order from you guys. Thank you 
- Mrs. Michele E Ciriello
 Needed this product to wrap toes, and it works better than any other tape product I have used previously. 
- Mrs Judy A Updyke
 I use this to wrap my right calf. It is excellent. The wrap has just the right amount of stretch to control swelling. I've been fighting a leg ulcer for 9 months and by tightly wrapping to control the swelling the wound has closed up. 
- James A Stark
 Works great over the foam. I will get this again for sure. I used the narrower one for wrapping my hand. It goes where I want it to go without fighting it. This is a must have for my bandaging kit now! 
- Ken Petrie
 A good product and cost - easy to use 
- Mrs. Barbara M Koceja
 works great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
- Mr. Kyle S Burson
 This product is very good and if you need to make your own profore this helps would be lost without it. 
- Mr Dennis P Murray Murray
 they are good 
- Mr Harold S Tanner Tanner
 this bandage is a very product . I have used other bandages not as good as these . 
- Harold Tanner Tanner
 Like them lot better than store bought. Thank-you. 
- Barbara J Dodson
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