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Finger & Toe Wraps

Finger and toe injuries obviously pose unique challenges when it comes to providing sturdy, yet gentle, bandaging that can stand up to the demands placed on the digits on a daily basis. We offer a number of selections specifically designed to meet the requirements of fingers and toes.

For instance, the Transelast Classic, from Lohmann and Rauscher, is a firmly gripping bandage featuring a close weave, which provides the cling of an elastic bandage, without the need for potentially allergenic latex or other elastics. Soft, breathable, durable and ideal for fingers and toes, this classic bandage is a perennial favorite among lymphedema professionals and patients alike. Lohmann and Rauscher also make Mollelast. Like Transelast, Mollelast does not incorporate elastic fabrics or threads. Rather, a unique weaving technique ensures that the specialty bandage nevertheless provides excellent grip, width-wise stability, and good breathability. Contours without creasing, making this an excellent choice as an under-layer for use in the delicate genital area.

We also carry Elastomull, from trusted manufacturer, BSN Medical. This general use gauze can also be used for lymphedema treatment applications, as it is especially well adapted for use on fingers and toes. Available in 1-inch through 4-inch widths, this "restriction bandage" is designed to stay in place, without unduly restricting your motion. Featuring "high restoring force" and "large stretch reserve," according to its manufacturer, this cotton/synthetic blend bandage is often described as pleasantly soft and comfortable.

Our final entry in the finger/toe bandage category is Flexicon from Hartmann. This latex-free conforming stretch bandage is excellent for use in challenging applications that may require controlled compression. Able to stick to itself, Flexicon is especially easy to use and keep in place.

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