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Dauerbinde K

Lohmann & Rauscher

Dauerbinde K by Lohmann & Rauscher
Dauerbinde K is a medium to long stretch bandage with strong compression and a characteristic firm grip fabric texture. Due to its long stretch properties, the compressive power of the bandage can be easily adjusted. Because of the high resting pressure, the bandage must be removed at night or when in resting position. Dauerbinde K conforms well to body contours, has little tendency to bulk up, is durable, and is easy to care for. It is latex free and can be washed.
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Individual Pieces
6cm x 7m 
8cm x 7m 
10cm x 7m 
12cm x 7m 
20cm x 7m 
6cm x 7m - case (80 pieces)
8cm x 7m - case (100 pieces)
10cm x 7m - case (80 pieces)
12cm x 7m - case (80 pieces)
20cm x 7m - case (30 pieces)
 There was a learning curve on how to put them on, but within a week we learned how and they are working fine. We were shown how bu the PT group we were going too and that was extremely helpfull 
- James R Cramer
 These are great for lyphedema treatment. Very stretchy, unlike the short stretch ones I accidentally purchased before. These are the same they use at physical therapy 
- Rissa L Potts
 My lymphedema therapist wraps my upper legs with this product to reduce fluid... it works amazing! 
- Katy A Levesque
 Very easy to use, allows me to keep my legs at a manageable level, due to my lymphedema. Highly recommend. 
- Carolyn A Jones
 Very durable product, easy to use, washable and snaps right back. 
- Carolyn A Jones
 Works great, thank you! 
- Robin Varghese
 The wraps were what I expected. I will order again. Quick delivery and excellent service 
- Ms Danielle Springer
 I tried different products, but like this one the best. Thank you. 
- Tatiana Kori
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