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Compression Shirt & Vest Options

Compression shirt and vest options are ideal for promoting lymphatic drainage after any procedure that involves breast(s), chest, neck, or shoulder(s). We offer a wide variety of products in this category to meet the unique needs of customers. Garments for both men and women are available to boost post-surgical recovery and work with your body's natural healing processes, to enhance wellness.

We also offer an impressive line of flattering medical shapewear. A variety of garments are available for both men and women, to flatten the abdominal region, smooth the flanks, and provide contouring support for the chest.

We offer many styles, including male and female sleeveless compression vests, adjustable sleeveless compression vests, zippered compression vests with sleeves, breast-contouring compression vests for women, tribute vests, with your choice of V-neck, crew-neck, turtle-neck or scoop-neck.

Special dorsocervical compression vests help to promote lymphatic drainage after lipectomy to remove the dorsocervical fat pad ("buffalo hump"). We offer male and female versions. Both are fully adjustable and made of breathable, latex-free fabric.

Women confronting the possibility of lymphedema related to breast cancer surgery/treatment can choose from several options for the active control of post-surgical lymphedema.

Women's Compression Shirt & Vest Options

  • A specially designed garment featuring an integrated compression arm sleeve/adjustable cotton knit bra combination.
  • A compression arm sleeve garment with adjustable bodice; no brassiere (exposed breast design).
  • Short and long sleeve boleros. Feature absorbent, protective cotton pads for the control of underarm lymphatic drainage and latissimus dorsi inner (back support) panels. Hook and eye closures.
  • A long-arm compression sleeve garment with decorative lace trim; no brassiere (exposed breast design). Sleeved garments provide excellent compression for the upper arms, elbows and lower arms. The arms are common sites of lymph accumulation, especially among women undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Men's Compression Shirt & Vest Options

  • Compression vest (sleeveless).
  • Adjustable compression vest with front hook and eye closure system (sleeveless).
  • Zippered compression vest with long sleeves.
  • Men's dorsocervical compression vest (for dorsocervical lipectomy recovery). Features adjustable hook and loop fastener shoulder straps.
  • A variety of zippered and non-zippered abdominal/chest medical shapewear garments and bodysuits.
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